Exterior Wall Mount HVAC

Easy installation and minimal wall cut outs save time and reduce cost

Specific Systems® wall mounted air conditioning units are quick to install and practical for applications where portability is a concern. Wall mounted units give a single point of connection and dismiss requirements for additional concrete pads.

The standard vertical through the wall mounted InPac units are designed to provide maximum capacity in the smallest possible footprint. By engineering the cabinet to fit to- or through-the-wall, mounting stability is combined with ease of access, allowing most components of the unit to be serviceable from within the conditioned space.

Regardless of configuration, our units are built to serve in nearly any industry or application, including

  • Refineries
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Oil drilling rigs
  • Offshore processing plants

Commercial/Light Industrial or Severe Duty Designs

To-the-wall configuration reduces interior and exterior space requirements

  • Built to demanding industrial specifications
  • Innovative two-stage dual refrigeration circuit provides 50% redundancy on units over 3 tons
  • Available corrosion resistant coatings and many other options
  • CSA certification, UL Listed panels, with ATEX and IECEX certification available.

Ranging from 2 to 50 tons, the systems we manufacture are designed to provide safe and effective environmental control under the most difficult conditions. For nearly 50 years. Specific Systems® has been manufacturing ECUs that perform reliably in the most challenging industrial applications, including hazardous, explosive areas.