Take control of your HVAC with our multiplexors

Many of our customers require N+1 redundancy for the HVAC on their buildings. Our multiplexor control panel is an option provided for applications that require multiple HVAC systems. This allows additional redundancy, often desired for unattended sites, and provides several standard services including:

  • Auto-sequencing between systems, based on 24-hr timer
  • Manual selection of any HVAC system in the circuit
  • Automatic dual-unit operation – High or low temperature condition
  • High Temperature Alarm – Form C dry contacts

The multiplexor is a microprocessor based PLC control panel for controlling multiple Specific Systems® units. If a failure of the main unit occurs (determined through use of multiple sensors inside each unit), the multiplexor automatically energizes another system to keep the area pressurized and can provide an audible or visible alarm to notify personnel of the failure.