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HVAC For Almost Any Application

Inherently redundant systems 
engineered and manufactured for hazardous and corrosive locations

Over the years, we at Specific Systems® have been fortunate enough to provide environmental control equipment for a variety of applications in industries as diverse as commercial bakeries and water treatment, from grain processing to network television broadcasting. Every project comes with a unique set of challenges and customization needs. Even two buildings in the same project may require different subsets of options. Meeting those challenges drives us to develop solutions that combine options common to an application type and use these and use these pre-configured systems as a base to begin customization.

Being located in one of the world’s oil capitols gives us the opportunity to focus on that industry, while our manufacturing location in the middle of the United States gives us the ability to serve industries and applications around the country, and even globally. We understand the needs of many industries and work with engineers every day to ensure the development of specifications that meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

We continue working to provide the highest quality hazardous location air conditioning equipment while recognizing that our optional equipment and modular design allows the systems to be used in many environments we never expected.

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