Full Custom HVAC

Engineered for safety and durability in some of the world's most dangerous environments.

Specific Systems® has built fully custom units for several major government programs and agencies, including NASA and each branch of the military. When plans require an odd shape or precise capacity, our project engineers and product design team collaborate with you to deliver.

Full custom designs are often required due to space limitations, specific airflow needs, or redundancy. To help accommodate these indivdual applications, we can include:

  • Heat load studies
  • Certified drawing sets
  • Fan selection
  • and more!

Learn how Specific Systems® can help EPC/Engineering firms!

Customized vs Custom HVAC

Due to the modular design of the InPac® unit, most units built by Specific Systems® are customized rather than fully custom. However, there are times when applications call for a built from scratch unit, and our engineers are prepared to bring their expertise to your project.

Flexible, Customized HVAC

Specific Systems® inPac ® units are engineered with customizability as one of the driving design ideas. By retaining major components and internal system design across a variety of configurations, we can maintain airflow and internal static pressure that provides proven real-world results. This design philosophy allows us to pass cost-savings to our customers, since we are not "creating a new wheel" every time we apply our products to a new industry or client.

Even with the flexibility of our designs, there are occasions when a fully custom environmental control system is needed.

Custom Engineered HVAC

When plans call for a design that is — most literally — outside of our standard box, our engineering team has the knowledge and experience to work with you to develop a custom industrial HVAC system that meets your requirements.