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HVAC for mining

From landslides and cave-ins to explosions, mining contains many of the most potentially hazardous environments in any industry. Extracting resources from the ground creates an extremely dusty environment. In many cases, the fine powder can collect in areas around buildings and electrical equipment enclosures. Caution must be used to ensure minimal or no ingress of those fine particles into the buildings and enclosures. Our InPac® units can help ensure you are meeting the safety requirements for surface installations as well as improve the life of costly components through corrosion resistance. 

To combat this harsh atmosphere, we offer an option package specifically for mining applications.

  • General purpose pressurization package to maintain building pressure at 0.1” w.c. (25 pa). This helps stops general migration of outside contaminants.
  • R-134a for high temperature applications up to 130°F (55°C)

Corrosion resistance and filtration

  • Corrosion resistant baked phenolic coil coating
  • Specific Systems Spin Filter for removing heavy particles
  • High efficiency particulate filtration including MERV-8 pre-filter and MERV-14 final filter
  • Chemical filtration for the removal of sulfur compounds including SO2 and Na2S

Explosion proofing

  • Class 1 Division 2 explosion proof design
  • Minimum T3 rated motors to prevent auto-ignition of built up dust (T3C available)
  • Finned tube heat
  • Combustible, corrosive, and toxic gas alarms

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