Available as an option on all Specific Systems® InPac® and AirPak™ units, economizers are purchased as a money and energy saving addition. As the outdoor temperature or enthalpy around the unit drops to near what is required for supply air, the economizer allows outdoor air to cool the conditioned area. This “free cooling” effect reduces wear on the compressors and refrigeration system, and in some cases has been said to reduce energy costs from the unit by up to 10%.

Economizers are not recommended for applications in hazardous (classified) areas where combustible, toxic, or odorous gases can unintentionally be pulled into the conditioned area. Economizers are also not recommended for extremely humid or dusty areas, where the excess water vapor and debris could cause premature failure of the refrigeration circuit.

Non-modulating economizers consist of a lever-operated damper that is manually adjusted by a technician based on outdoor conditions. Non-modulating dampers must be adjusted regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Specific Systems® also offers fully-modulating economizers consisting of a mechanically-operated electronically-controlled damper, an outdoor air temperature sensor, and a damper controller.

The electronic controls are tied into the main electronic module on the unit, allowing the unit to compare required indoor and actual outdoor air temperatures to determine if the damper should be opened or closed. The fully modulating damper allows a varying degree of outside air to assist in cooling the inside, while simultaneously reducing the load on the compressors.