Protect Your Process Controls Against One of the World's Most Corrosive Environments

Many of your most critical processes are under constant attack from the effects of corrosive chemicals necessary to your operations. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), chlorine compounds, and other sulfur compounds combine with humid environments to quickly degrade sensitive and expensive equipment. Buildings and enclosures containing variable speed drives, motor controls, other electrical equipment such as switchgear must be purged of these corrosive gases to avoid downtime and costly replacement.

To combat exactly these types of environments, we offer our industrial strength, severe duty InPac® product line.

Key Features, Benefits & Options for the Pulp & Paper Market

Corrosion Resistant

Manufactured for Long-Term Durability
In Harsh Environments

  • Stop corrosion before it starts with optional 16-gauge 316 stainless steel cabinets or standard powdercoated galvanized steel 
  • Optional corrosion resistant coil coatings (SpecificCoat, Heresite, Technicoat, or Ecoat)
  • Fully-coated condenser section available to protect components under constant attack from the contaminants in your environment

Engineered for Industrial Use

Rugged Components Selected for their Reliability in Process Cooling

  • Low FPI (8 FPI condenser) coils on air-cooled units designed to limit trapped particulates while still providing effective heat transfer 
  • Industrial duty TEFC or TEAO motors rated for high ambient conditions
  • Industrial-grade electrical components mounted in rugged enclosures

Safe, Simple Solution

Third-party Certified, Made-to-Order,
Ready for Installation Systems

  • All-in-one design to allow a single point of connection
  • Improved maintenance and spare parts availability
  • Fully CSA certified to UL 1995 (general purpose) and 1203 (hazloc) standards
  • UL 508A Listed electrical panels for safety