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Offshore Petroleum Facility

Protect Your Process Controls Against One of the World's Most Corrosive Environments

Many of your most critical processes are under constant attack from the effects of corrosive chemicals necessary to your operations. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), chlorine compounds, and other sulfur compounds combine with humid environments to quickly degrade sensitive and expensive equipment. Buildings and enclosures containing variable speed drives, motor controls, other electrical equipment such as switchgear must be purged of these corrosive gases to avoid downtime and costly replacement.

To combat exactly these types of environments, we offer our industrial strength, severe duty InPac® product line.

Corrosion Resistance

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel cabinet with minimum 16-gauge material
  • Copper fin/copper tube coils with your choice of corrosion resistant coating
    • Technicoat
    • Electrofin coating
    • Heresite
  • Fully coated condenser section to protect all components exposed to the environment

Corrosion Protection

Available deep bed scrubber consisting of

  • MERV-8 pre-filter
  • Two banks of chemical filtration media
  • MERV-8 final-filter (can be upgraded to MERV 11 or 14)

Pressurization system is built in to maintain 0.1" w.c. (25 Pa) pressure inside the building while providing a constant flow of filtered air.

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