Precise environmental control for critical equipment with high sensible loads

With the continued expansion of data analytics and storage requirements, prefabricated data centers are rapidly increasing in popularity. These data centers generate massive amounts of heat that must be dissipated to keep the servers running optimally. Specific Systems HVAC equipment has been cooling high sensible loads like these since 1974, and our InPac units are industry proven to meet the requirements.

Many larger data centers are arranged in the hot aisle/cold aisle configuration, which allows for improved airflow through not only the building, but also the equipment inside. Our engineering team can assist with duct design amd ensuring optimization of the building layout.

  • General purpose pressurization package to maintain building pressure at 0.1” w.c. (25 pa). This helps stops general migration of outside contaminants
  • Rugged 16 gauge galvanized or stainless steel cabinet
  • Add-on filtration to improve indoor air quality

Key Features & Benefits for Data Center Applications

Filtration Options

Downtime is costly - Specific Systems helps keep Your Business Running

  • Multi-stage filtration options for outside and return air streams
  • Efficiency ratings from MERV-8 through HEPA-rated particulate filters
  • Clogged filter alarm outputs to BAS for regular maintenance

Controls Options

Providing air flow, humidity control, and high capacity cooling exactly when needed

  • Variable capacity units with multi-speed fans for precise cooling and airflow
  • Remote access and customized dashboards for efficient monitoring
  • Internal lead lag controls reduce wear on mechanical components

Many Standard Features

Third-party Certified, Made-to-Order,
Ready for Installation Systems

  • All-in-one design to allow a single point of connection
  • Improved maintenance and spare parts availability
  • Fully CSA certified to UL 1995 (general purpose) and 1203 (hazloc) standards
  • UL 508A Listed electrical panels for safety

Trust Specific Systems to Cool at Full Capacity

Data centers require cooling year-round, regardless of the outside environment. The equipment we build is engineered to perform in extreme conditions.