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NFPA-496 Compliant Stand Alone Purge & Pressurization Equipment

InPac Purge and Pressurization SystemsIt is important to maintain an atmosphere inside a building that is conducive to allowing equipment to operate effectively. Specific Systems® InPac® PPUs are designed and manufactured to provide those necessary interior conditions.

  • Engineered and proven to stand up to the rigors and harsh conditions of corrosive and hazardous environments.
  • Built to demanding industrial specifications
  • Features corrosion resistant coatings and dual-redundancy for efficiency and to avoid downtime.
  • When combined with a stack package, can reduce the hazardous (classified) area rating within the room from Class I, Div. 1 or 2 to non-hazardous (classified).
  • Available in configurations up to 12000 cfm
  • Controls to automatically purge and pressurize the building.


InPac® pressurization units are custom-engineered and built-to-order for each customer using a time-proven assembly method.

Standard Assembly

  • Manufactured using 16-gauge 316 stainless steel
  • Industrial grade motor and direct drive blowers
  • Wired for high level, low level, and fail using Form C contacts, allowing remote notification of alarms

Optional Features

  • Auxiliary (stand-by) fans to serve secondarily as a redundant fan should a failure occur to the primary fan.
  • Pressurization units can be manufactured to seal off the area from outside air via a damper in the event of gas detection
  • Galvanized steel or aluminum cabinet
  • Gas detection and alarms
  • Chemical filtration to prevent infiltration of toxic and corrosive chemicals
  • Explosion proof design up to Class I Div 1

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