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Built-in removal of corrosive and toxic chemicals including SO2 and H2S.

Available for InPac® and InPac® pressurization systems, Specific Systems® chemical filter option can be used for commercial applications, industrial applications, manufacturing facilities, or any other applications where the control of gaseous contaminants may be a concern. Most commonly, chemical filtration is used for the removal of SO2 and H2S. The Specific Systems® ChemPac is an excellent choice for ventilation air correction in areas of non-attainment per ASHRAE Standard 62.

Each Specific Systems® ChemPac chemical filter housing includes:

  • Standard 2" Farr 30/30 (MERV 8) pre-filter and 4" Farr 30/30 (MERV 8) final filter.
  • Service access doors on the back of the unit for convenient access, sealed with stainless-steel fasteners.
  • Heavy-duty, industrial grade door gaskets to ensure door-to-filter seal.
  • Felt-lined slide tracks of anodized aluminum construction for ease of service and corrosion resistance.

InPac® Cabinet Add-on

Effective corrosion control built-in to your InPac® system

Our chemical filtration option is specifically designed to accommodate Specific Systems® filter modules. Select from disposable or rechargeable panels each incorporating 4 square feet of 3" deep bed sorbent media. A single full size housing (1' × 1' × 2', rated at 200 cfm) contains approximately 50 pounds of media. Panels may be filled with application specific sorbent media or sorbent media blends (ask a sales rep for further information).

The Specific Systems® modular media cells can accommodate sorbent media of many types in order to meet the needs of individual customers, including companies in the refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, or processing industries.

Other available options include:

  • Higher efficiency final filters rated up to MERV 15 for applications deeming that necessary.
  • Clogged/dirty filter alarms.

Packed Bed Scrubber

High volume chemical filtration for larger systems

Deep Bed Chemical Filtration Air ScrubberSpecific Systems®’ packed bed chemical scrubbers (PCBS) are designed to attach to large Specific Systems® InPac® units and provide filtration from corrosive, toxic, and aromatic airborne chemicals. These chemicals include those commonly found in petrochemical facilities, such as SO2. Packed bed scrubbers deliver filtered pressurized air to the HVAC system, and ultimately to protected and controlled areas.

Specific Systems® ChemPac PBCS units sit outside the protected area and mate perfectly to fully redundant dual InPac® systems using a short piece of duct work.

Like our built-in option Specific Systems® Packed Bed Chemical Scrubber uses a 4 section filtration setup, containing:

  • A bank of standard Farr 30/30 pre-filters
  • Two 12" deep beds of chemical filter media
  • High efficiency final filter bank.

Each system is manufactured using 16 gauge 316 stainless steel.

Typically, the scrubber employs 1600 pounds of carbon filtration along with a corrosion resistant media to protect against corrosive airborne agents. However, special considerations may require other types of filtration media, with one filter bed for each of the types of media.

100% redundant spark-proof fans force between 1600 and 3600 CFM through the filtration system, using 5–10HP TEFC motors. Static pressure of the system is approximately 9.5" when full of media.

Further, most chemical filtration systems with separate HVAC require use of an exhaust damper to regulate pressure inside the building. Using this technique wastes the air that is filtered by the chemical scrubber. The Specific Systems® PBCS includes a return air duct that continues filtering cleaner air, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the filtration system, and requiring less frequent changes of the filtration media.

  • Easy access to install and remove filtration media
  • Rain louvers
  • Return air duct to maintain cleaner air with less waste
  • Quick installation via ductwork and integrated electrical conduit
  • Return air allows for greater efficiency, cleaner air, and increased long-term savings
  • Up to two different chemical filtration media types available in each system

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