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All-In-One Industrial Wall Mounted HVACDesigned to allow full environmental control of your building.

Our InPac® units are engineered from the ground up to make your job easier. In fact, our modular design eliminates the need for the integration of systems from multiple vendors. Instead, using a Specific Systems® InPac® HVAC allows for a single point of connection to perform all of the functions otherwise requiring multiple types of units.

Starting with our time-proven industrial DX air conditioning system, you can include

  • Built-in NFPA 496 compliant building purge & pressurization
  • Chemical and/or high efficiency particulate filtration
  • Electric heat
  • Air quality monitoring for explosive, toxic, or corrosive gases

This all-in-one design gives you a single point of connection, making for quicker and more efficient integration into your structure. Form-C dry contacts for alarm outputs are standard, with full remote controls available through an optional BacNet or LonWorks compatible PLC.

When combined with industrial features like 50% inherent redundancy, Specific Systems® InPac® is the right choice for critical applications.

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