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Fully redundant C1D1 5-ton system for a horizontal drilling rig

Full explosion proof redundancy for drilling platforms and critical on-site support buildings

As one of the dirtiest, noisiest, and most hazardous applications for which we provide systems, drilling rigs have a special set of needs, most importantly full redundancy. Unplanned stoppages of the drilling process can potentially cost thousands of dollars for each minute the system is down. There are several applications, unique to each part of a drilling process.

Driller’s cabin

Specific Systems has been safely providing cooling to both personnel and equipment in a Class 1 Division 1 hazardous environment for years. In fact, our InPac® 660 5-ton can be used in most instances of this application to serve as a fully redundant single unit with the inclusion of the following features:

  • Space saving 42” wide cabinet
  • Inherently redundant dual 2.5-ton refrigerant circuits
  • Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof design
  • Built-in NFPA 496 compliant purge and pressurization
  • Redundant auxiliary evaporator motor and blowers
  • Redundant auxiliary condenser fan
  • Easy access washable filtration
  • Corrosion resistant baked phenolic coil coating

VFD building

  • Reverse airflow general purpose or C1D2 systems, dependent on proximity to wellhead
  • Interior ducting to quickly dissipate heat loads from drives
  • Corrosion resistant baked phenolic coil coating
  • Additional easy access dust filtration

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