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AirPak packaged wall-mount HVAC for mobile command centers and broadcast trailers

Critical information broadcasting requires reliable cooling.

Whether it’s a mobile command center for law enforcement or a remote production facility for the big game, keeping personnel and equipment running at its best is critical.

To help, we offer our AirPak systems in a configuration made specifically for these important applications. 

Rugged design features:

  • Lightweight aluminum cabinet construction with added bracing throughout for support
  • Dual unit configuration for 100% redundancy
  • Dehumidification
  • Automatic lead/lag for compressors to balance run time
  • Constant run compressors with optional manual power switch to conserve generator power
  • Collapsible condenser air deflectors/sound attenuators
  • Ductmate flanges for quick connection to supply duct
  • Flexible piping at stress points to minimize the chance of leaks

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