Environmental Control Solutions for a High Growth Market

Indoor growing facilities for cannabis and other agricultural products require unique features for environmental control units. Precise regulated control of temperature, humidity, and CO2 combined with varying needs for airflow create an environment that necessitates constant monitoring through automation and reliability.

Our fully-customizable InPac product line meets the needs of your integrated cultivation systems. Using state-of-the-art IoT-based control systems with data logging, we can help you optimize the conditions in your individual grow facilities while maximizing yield and reducing overall energy costs.

Inconsistent environmental conditions can, and usually do, lead to less than adequate product harvests – our systems provide you exact control so each environment is consistent with very little manual interference.

Key Features & Benefits for the Cannabis Cultivation Market

Precision Control

Easily Manage Temperature, Humidity,
CO2, and Lighting

  • Two-stages of cooling allows for more precise cooling as well as a 50% refrigeration backup in the event of a leak or component failure
  • Eliminate plant mold and mildew
  • Maximize moisture removal using our technology and design – no need for additional dehumidifiers

Industrial Grade

Manufactured for Long-Term Durability,
Not Planned Obsolescence

  • 16-gauge powdercoated galvanized steel or 316 stainless steel cabinets
  • Corrosion resistant coil coatings (SpecificCoat, Heresite, Technicoat, or Ecoat)
  • Fully-coated condenser section to protect components under constant attack from the elements

Safe, Simple Solution

Third-party Certified, Made-to-Order,
Ready for Installation Systems

  • All-in-one design to allow a single point of connection
  • Improved maintenance and spare parts availability
  • Fully CSA certified to UL 1995 (general purpose) and 1203 (hazloc) standards
  • UL 508A Listed electrical panels for safety

Custom Duct Design and Fan Control

Airflow is just a part of our overall growth solution - our engineering team helps you create proper airflow throughout your facility, as a part of the overall environment,to ensure even plant growth and maximizing the terpene profile for each cultivar.

Variable Capacity Systems

Multi-stage environmental control units allow for the proper cooling at the proper times, helping you maintain set points without the risks of short cycling and creating even conditions through each phase of the growing process while maximizing energy savings.