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Offshore Petroleum Facility

Each application brings with it unique challenges and opportunities for improvement of the status quo, and there are few environments more challenging than an offshore oil and gas platform. Take one of the most corrosive environments on the planet and add in hazardous and corrosive chemicals with tremendous space restraints and it’s no wonder few companies are able to build HVAC for these applications.

Through 40 years, we have acquired and developed thorough knowledge of the needs of offshore applications. Now, in order to better accommodate the needs of our offshore customers, we have configured a set of options to help you preconfigure your unit. Combining corrosion resistance and a minimized footprint, these options packages can be applied to our InPac® units for excellent results and long-life in offshore applications.

Corrosion resistance

• 316 stainless steel cabinet

• Copper fin/copper tube coils with Technicoat baked phenolic coating

• Fully-coated condenser section to protect components under constant attack from the elements

Explosion proof design

• Class 1 Div 2 IEEE 45 marine duty motors

• H2S and combustible gas alarms


With floor space at a premium on an offshore platform, where can you put a huge HVAC system? Our InPac® units offer several configuration options allowing them to adapt to each platform’s unique needs. Standard through-the-wall units are available, as well as a low profile roof-mounted option designed to minimize height requirements while maintaining capacities and airflow.

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