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HVAC Products

We offer several HVAC product lines, each targeted to a slightly different market. All available InPac®* and AirPak units feature our unique dual refrigeration circuit system, which gives true redundancy and allows the unit to function at half of maximum capacity in the event one circuit fails. 

The popular InPac® line features a through-the-wall design, which allows all maintenance on the unit to be completed from inside the conditioned area. This is an advantage in the hazardous (classified) environments in which InPac® units are placed. InPac® units are available with a barrage of options, including chemical filtration, purge and pressurization, backup blowers, corrosion resistant coil coatings, and more. InPac® units are available in single capacities up to 50 tons, or a dual unit up to 100 tons, and can be ordered in vertical, rooftop, pad, or split mount arrangements.

Our AirPak units are designed to be light industrial and commercial units, and are often selected for use in telecommunications shelters and switchgear houses that are not hazardous (classified). AirPak units are all constructed using a vertical, to-the-wall design that allows maintenance to be performed from outside the conditioned area. This is advantageous when the conditioned area is cramped or electronics cause excessive heat. AirPak units are available in single unit capacities up to 20 tons.

This diversification has given us an advantage of constant innovation. As new technology and new regulations present themselves, our engineers are able to adapt a time-proven system to accept the changes. For example, two models in the AirPak line are now using horizontally-mounted backwardly-inclined blowers. These blowers are both more energy-efficient and quieter than our standard blowers. Engineers are currently working to adjust the design of the entire AirPak line to accept these blowers.

Additionally, our industrial designs were changed to accept the more environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. R-410A is a non-ozone depleting near-azeotropic refrigerant having an increased efficiency and greater range of useful ambient temperatures when compared to R-22 and R-407C.

Specific Systems® also understands military specifications, and has been directly contracted to build projects for the government on several occasions. These include projects for each branch of the military, and for applications on land, at sea, and in the air. Applications for MAC units include the Standardized Integrated Command Post Shelter (SICPS) system, mobile electronics rooms, medical shelters, and more.

* InPac® 624 (2-ton) does not feature dual refrigeration circuits due to size constraints.

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