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TULSA, Oklahoma—January 1, 2009—In January of 2009, Tulsa-based Specific Systems began manufacturing a series of 20-ton HVAC units for installation on pump houses. Remotely controlled, the pump houses drive up to five massive 6500 horsepower electric motors per station, which will be used to feed over 700,000 barrels of oil from Hardesty, Alberta, Canada through the United States to the Gulf Coast in Texas. The drive systems generate an enormous amount of heat, so each of the 41 pump houses along the Keystone Pipeline requires three of the units, for a total of 60-tons of cooling capacity per station.

For ConocoPhillips, the Specific Systems AirPak line was the only choice. With over 35 years experience building HVAC units for the petrochemical industry, Specific Systems understands the demands of harsh environments and quickly met the requirements to undertake this project.

Construction on the stations is scheduled to begin Spring of 2010 and work through the end of 2011, after which the pipeline will be able to transport up to about 900,000 barrels per day. Specific Systems is proud to be part of this project.

About Specific Systems

In 1974, Specific Systems set the standard for industrial HVAC with its InPac series. Specific Systems continues to lead the way by using efficient yet durable components and innovative product designs. Specific Systems also engineers and manufactures HVAC units for light industrial, commercial, and military applications with industrial capacities up to 40 tons (480,000 BTUH). For more information on Specific Systems products, visit

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