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TULSA, Oklahoma—September 24, 2009—Tulsa-based Specific Systems, a leader in industrial and explosion proof HVAC units, today announced the full release of its new APK-150. The APK-150 is a 12.5 ton commercial and light industrial to-the-wall mount HVAC unit, and combines the industry leading performance and design of the entire AirPak line with dual horizontally-mounted backwardly-inclined fans producing up to 5200 CFM. Combined with Specific Systems’ standard dual refrigeration circuit, the new AirPak 150 provides nearly 160,000 BTUH at standard operating conditions using non-ozone-depleting R-410A refrigerant.

Like all Specific Systems units, the APK-150 is available in several electrical configurations and multiple levels of environmental corrosion protection. Specific Systems says that it is already receiving orders for the units.

About the AirPak line

The AirPak line of HVAC units from Specific Systems utilizes a unique dual refrigeration circuit that allows full redundancy of all components in the unit with only a minimal increase in size compared to competing units. Available in capacities from five to twenty tons, hundreds of AirPak units are currently in service at processing facilities, switchgear houses, and control rooms worldwide.

About Specific Systems

In 1974, Specific Systems set the standard for industrial HVAC with its InPac series. Specific Systems continues to lead the way by using efficient yet durable components and innovative product designs. Specific Systems also engineers and manufactures HVAC units for light industrial, commercial, and military applications with industrial capacities up to 40 tons (480,000 BTUH). For more information on Specific Systems products, visit

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