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Cooling the industry since 1974

Specific Systems is the leader in HVAC systems for industrial applications and serves the needs of petrochemical, telecommunications, military, and other difficult environments.

Specific Systems engineers and manufactures the most durable and reliable industrial environmental control systems in the industry. We offer innovative products and provide customer service that surpass the industry standard.

The company has over 100 employees in its two locations, and maintains an excellent safety record.

Our expertise

One of the greatest advantages of buying from Specific Systems is the knowledge we have gained in meeting and exceeding NFPA requirements. Because we specialize in manufacturing units for petroleum processing facilities, many of our designs include explosion-proof housings and components. An adapted InPac or AirPak unit would easily fill requirements at military refueling posts or other petroleum related applications.

Specific Systems is the company with the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing capacity to complete your order in an efficient manner, and the products on the following pages are certain to meet your needs. If your application requires a custom unit, please call us, and one of our engineers will be ready to help you.



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Explosion Proof HVAC | Explosion Proof Air Conditioning
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