Popular Options, InPac

> Gas alarms
> 304/316 stainless steel cabinet
> Auxiliary blower
> R-410A, R-407C, or R-134A
> Explosion-proof heat
> Crankcase heater
> Fresh air stack
> Chemical filtration

Popular Options, AirPak

> Multiplexor
> Dehumidification (w/heat)
> Low ambient controls
> Economizer
> High pressure alarm
> Heat
> DualPac two unit plenum


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Explosion Proof HVAC - Severe Duty HVAC - ATEX HVAC


Mac, AirPak, InPac explosion proof, and mobile Trak unitsOur Products

Specific Systems offers several product lines, and each is specially manufactured for their environments. With a wide variety of options, base units of most product lines can be modified to fit your individual application.

  • InPac – Explosion proof options for heavy duty industrial and hazardous areas
  • AirPak – General purpose, light industrial, and commercial
  • ChillPac – Chillers and Air Handlers
  • MiniPac – Equipment coolers

We also offer add-on and stand alone packages.

  • PressurePac – Purge and Pressurization, up to Class I, Div. 1, Group B
  • ChemPac – Chemical filtration for corrosive, explosive or odorous gases.


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    Explosion Proof HVAC | Explosion Proof Air Conditioning
    Severe Duty HVAC | ATEX HVAC | UL CSA Certified


    (918) 663-9321

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